We work with individuals, families, businesses and organizations who are looking to incorporate healthy, high-quality and local foods into their lives and workplaces. We specialize in creating delicious meals that adhere to therapeutic diets such as paleo, vegan, gluten-free, keto, Mediterranean, and Whole-30. We are also always happy to accommodate any food sensitivities and intolerances.

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Let us cook for you.

We offer therapeutic private chef services for individuals and families in the Portland Metro area of Oregon. Hiring a private chef allows you to have all the benefits of healthy home-cooked meals without any of the stress or dishes! 


This service is a great choice for business professionals who are too busy to cook for themselves, growing families, people on prescribed therapeutic diets, or those who want a healthy alternative to eating out. We work with each client to create weekly custom menus of healthy dishes specific to your taste and will accommodate any food sensitivities or intolerances. With a broad range of cuisines that we cook, you'll be introduced to so many tasty new dishes that you won't even think about the foods that you're not eating! 

We now offering Gift Certificates for a week's worth of Personal Chef services. This allows you to trial our services for one week without committing to ongoing services. It also makes a great gift for essential workers or loved ones who may need extra support right now. You can find more information about them here

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Nourishing the New Parent

Gather Around Nutrition recognizes what a sacred time the postpartum period is for families. We believe this time should be one of rest and recovery for the new parent and family. This is why we offer postpartum meal delivery packages filled with nourishing foods and herbal teas to promote deep healing. 

We offer 4-day, 7-day, 10-day and 14-day packages, as well as the option to build a custom package. These make great gifts for new families as it allows the parents to focus on adjusting to life with a new baby while feeling well-fed and nutritionally supported.

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Gather Around the Table

Gather Around Nutrition offers healthy catering services for multi-day retreats and one-time special events, such as weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations. We have experience working in commercial kitches, entirely off-grid, and everywhere in-between. We are located in Portland, Oregon, and are able to travel to locations within Oregon and Washington state.

All menus can easily be made to accommodate any dietary restrictions! We work with you to create a custom seasonal menu that everyone can enjoy no matter what their dietary needs are. Sample event menus are available upon request.

Check out some of our event photos here, and get in touch with us about your upcoming event!



Hands-On Learning

Our private cooking classes are designed to empower you in the kitchen by teaching basic culinary skills and easy whole foods recipes. We believe that cooking healthy delicious meals should be a positive and joyful experience.

Classes are hands-on and designed to meet your specific wellness goals. We specialize in working with people with dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, autoimmune paleo, and anti-inflammatory diets.

Classes take place in the privacy of your home, or for larger groups we have access to working in the beautiful learning kitchen at Portland Cookshop. Book one class or book a whole series where you can learn a variety of healthy new dishes! Custom menu and digital copies of each recipe are included.

Please get in touch for scheduling, pricing, and other information.

**In the wake of COVID-19, cooking classes have been put on pause. We will resume in-person teaching when we feel it is safe for our community. 



Wellness in the Workspace

Gather Around Nutrition offers lunch and learn classes for companies wishing to integrate holistic health into the workspace. These 60-minute classes are designed to teach healthy eating habits, how to balance blood sugar throughout the day, and how to reduce stress. Classes come with the option of a catered lunch. 

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****In the wake of COVID-19, Lunch & Learn classes have been put on pause. We will resume in-person teaching when we feel it is safe for our community.