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Gather Around Nutrition is a healing foods business based out of Portland, OR founded by holistic nutritionists and chefs Johanna Glaser & Jed Thaggard. We offer therapeutic personal chef services, meal prep & meal delivery services, postpartum meal care packages, event & retreat catering, and in-home cooking classes.

At Gather Around Nutrition, we believe in investing in our local food economy. That's why we partner with local farmers, sustainable ranchers, native fisherfolk, and food producers to bring you the best of what the Pacific North West has to offer! 


As a team of nutritionists, health is always on our minds. We love introducing people to seasonal eating by featuring local, farm-fresh organic produce in our meals. We also choose to cook exclusively with healthy oils, natural sweeteners, and food that is free of additives & preservatives.

We strive to be as low-waste and plastic-free as possible by offering all meals delivered in reusable glass containers.

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Meal Prep & Meal Delivery Services

Once we learn more about your diet & wellness goals, we will pair you with one of our chefs for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meal prep, or meal delivery services. We also offer short-term meal prep services if you just need a little extra support to get you through a busy week or month!

Event & Retreat Catering

Looking for healthy catered meals for your next event? Look no further! We partner with local farms to deliver a true farm-to-table experience for your private dinners, casual lunches, weddings, and retreats! Menus are always custom-made to accommodate any dietary restrictions.

In-Home Cooking Classes

Whether you are looking to develop your skills in the kitchen, learn delicious wholesome recipes for that new diet you're on, or you're just looking for a fun group activity, consider taking a cooking class with us! We offer stand-alone classes, as well as class series if you're really serious about it!

An investment in you.

Eliminate the stress of meal planning, cooking, and cleaning, and let one of our nutrition-focused personal chefs take care of it for you! We tailor our meal prep menus specifically to meet your dietary needs & preferences and make sure that all of your meals contain the optimal balance of protein, carbs & healthy fats for you.

An investment in your local farms.

By working with Gather Around Nutrition, you are also choosing to keep more of your money invested in your local food economy. We source our produce, meats, and seafood from local farmers, ranchers and fisherfolk who are dedicated to good, sustainable practices that contribute to a healthier environment.

Who could use a personal chef?

We have all sorts of people who reach out to us for meal prep support.

Here are just a few examples:

We understand how difficult it can be to adjust to or maintain a therapeutic diet, and we want to make that easier for you. As nutritionists, we have experience cooking for all types of diets.

Often so much attention is given during pregnancy, but did you know that your body needs more calories when you are breastfeeding than pregnant? Let us take care of you so you can focus on your new family! Learn about our Postpartum Care Packages here.


Preparing healthy, home-cooked meals requires a lot of time. This is time that you could be spending with your family or loved ones, or dedicating to other hobbies. Give yourself the gift of time by choosing our meal prep services!


This is a critical time to make sure you're getting plenty of the right nutrients to support your body's healing process.

Whether cooking has presented physical challenges, or you're just tired after a lifetime of cooking for others, we would love to treat you to some good, healthy home cooking!

People on restrictive diets.

People in their postpartum period.

Busy professionals & families. 

Those undergoing chemotherapy or similar treatments. 

Seniors living independently. 

If you think our personal chef services would be supportive to you or someone you know, we'd love to hear from you!

If you're curious to learn more information, please visit our FAQ's!

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Interested to see some of our Sample Menus? We create new seasonal menus every week for our clients, specific to their diets & flavor preferences.

Scroll through some menus by clicking below!

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"This is a very enthusiastic 5 stars! Johanna worked closely with our functional nutritionist to make sure all of our meals were allergen free, organic and at the same time so delicious. The day our meals are being delivered feels like a holiday and we can't wait to dive in. Thank you Gather Around for making our lives so much easier!!!"

Melinda, Portland OR