Gather Around Nutrition offers healthy catering services for multi-day retreats and one-time special events, such as weddings, birthdays, bachelorette parties and other celebrations. We are located in Portland, Oregon, and are able to travel to locations within Oregon and Washington state. We have experience and equipment for catering off-grid, so whatever your venue of choice is, we can always make it work!

As nutritionists, we tailor all of our menus to accommodate any and all dietary restrictions. We source almost exclusively from local farms, ranches and producers, so our menus are always seasonal and fresh as can be!


We offer catered lunches for offices and team meetings. Our lunches typically include an organic protein (animal or plant-based), a whole-grain salad featuring seasonal vegetables, fresh local greens, a house-made vegan sauce, and house-pickled vegetables.

We also build beautiful seasonal grazing boards, that offer a stunning and colorful display of local vegetables, fruits, cheeses, cured meats, house-made dips and pickled vegetables. Think of them as edible art installations!

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With our focus on healthy, mostly plant-based eating, our services are perfect for yoga retreats and the like. We have operated in a wide range of kitchens, and we always go the extra mile to provide meals that are both nourishing and beautiful, with special touches like infused herbal waters and edible flower garnishes. We've grown accustomed to hearing that our meals were the highlight of the retreat!



Our catering services for weddings and private dinners offer a beautiful multi-course meal consisting of an amuse bouche to get things started and delight the senses, followed by a starter course of a fresh seasonal salad or soup, a main course which includes high-end animal proteins (with vegan options always available) paired with two vegetable side dishes, and then a healthy, wholesome dessert to finish off the night. Non-alcoholic beverages such as herbal spritzers and locally roasted coffee and tea selections can be provided upon request.

We partner with Division Wines to offer wine pairings if desired, at no extra service cost. 

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