Johanna makes the highest-vibe, farm-to-fork deliciousness you can imagine and she makes it beautiful, too. She catered a party for Portland Conscious Transformation at my house yesterday and I am so happy there are leftovers because, YUM. We had about 50 people and lots of dietary preferences and allergies. She made sure everybody was fed WELL. Good oils, good salts, good veggies, good meats... her sauces are ridiculous and there was an incredible amount of LOVE in that food. Highly recommend her for your conscious food needs!

Melanie, Portland OR

Johanna is amazing and her passion for food and wellness is contagious!  While taking a Food As Medicine Everyday (FAME) cooking and educational workshop with her, she encouraged and coached in a way that got me very excited about eating healthy and about food preparation in general.  I was about as new as you can get to any kind of real meal preparation and ate a lot of processed foods.  Having always been one that was intimidated in the kitchen, I wasn't ever quite sure what to do with things (aka raw ingredients).  She helped me understand it is okay to experiment, something she still does all the time.  She has a wealth of knowledge; so many fun tricks, tips, and tidbits of information that truly helped things click for me.  I went from hardly ever cooking to having the courage to adventure with food and have even *gasp* begun cooking things WITHOUT a recipe!  Completely UNHEARD of from the pre-Johanna version of me...  Working with her has truly been a game-changer for me and my health.  And a huge bonus is that I feel so much better eating healthy meals that I have prepared myself from natural, whole foods.  Simply put, I could not recommend her more highly!

Kristina, Portland OR

Johanna has been a personal chef for us for a few months now and it's a game-changer!  She's been cooking delicious vegetarian Ayurvedic meals for us and they've been very nutritious and delicious. She's very dependable.  She arrives on time and leaves a spotless kitchen when she's done cooking. Johanna also is flexible and if we have extra veggies she'll figure out something delicious to make with it on the spot!  She works with us in creating a meal plan for the week and she's very attentive in understanding what we like and don't like. I highly recommend Johanna.

Paul, Portland OR