Hello and welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read more about us and our business! As the co-owners of Gather Around Nutrition, we wanted to share more of our story and how we ended up in the world of healing foods.

Johanna grew up outside of Santa Rosa, California, on an acre of land with an abundance of fruit trees & enough space to have a lush garden. Every year for as long as she can remember she helped her parents plant and tend to that land -- it was there that she first fell in love with gardening. Once graduated from high school, she began to travel the world by work-trading on organic farms. Johanna was inspired by the many regenerative agriculture projects growing healthy organic food for their communities and simultaneously enriching the health of the land. After traveling, she moved to Humboldt County, California, where she received her bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Humboldt State University. Johanna studied global food systems, deepening  her understanding of the increasing need for local and sustainable food movements. Post-graduation, Johanna began learning more about the health of our bodies as they are intertwined with that of the land. She attended The Dhyana Center, an Ayurvedic school where she studied the physical and mental practices of yoga and traditional Ayurvedic diets. She then went on to study more about wild foods and local healing herbs through classes at Turtle Lake Refuge, a local non-profit education center, and raw food cafe located in SW Colorado. Recognizing that her path in the world was to work in a way that promoted both the healing of the body and the land, Johanna then went on to attend the National University for Natural Medicine’s Masters Program for Holistic Nutrition in Portland, OR. During that time, Johanna not only received her Master’s Degree, but also her certification as a Food As Medicine Educator. Realizing that her talents for sharing this work lay in the kitchen, Johanna has been working as a therapeutic private chef, teaching cooking classes and providing hands-on education & support to her community through food. 

Jed was born in the Appalachian Valley of Tennessee, and relocated to the west coast in 2010. He explored the western states by work-trading on organic veggie farms, an experience that reshaped the way he thought about food and sustainability. Ever since that summer, Jed has dedicated himself to a deeper understanding of nutrition, herbalism and nature-cure through various learning experiences, including an immersive herbalism internship at the Herb Pharm in Williams, OR, and eventually a Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition from National University of Natural Medicine. He believes strongly in harnessing the healing power of plants as a first-line therapeutic approach, which forms the basis of his work. Currently, he works as a therapeutic personal chef in Portland, OR, and teaches Food as Medicine and hands-on herbalism classes at Herb Pharm’s Herbaculture Internship Program. In his free time, Jed loves to garden and cook, and maintains an active lifestyle with lots of hiking, yoga and dance. He is also actively involved with Growing Gardens, a community-based non-profit that increases food security through home gardening mentorship, and Power to the Dreamers, an undocumented-led art and activism group that he’s helped build with a group of friends.

Jed and Johanna met in Portland, OR, having both attended the NUNM’s Masters Program for Holistic Nutrition, with an emphasis in therapeutic chef work. Both having backgrounds in sustainable farming practices and social justice work, we knew we wanted to create a business that highlighted the bounty of local and organic food systems. We saw the need in our community for local, organic & seasonal catering & private chef services that were able to accommodate anyone's dietary needs. That's when Gather Around Nutrition was born! 

It is with our life experiences and education that we offer our business Gather Around Nutrition. It is a pleasure to serve our community with offerings of food, education, and empowerment.